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Our History

It has been long known that as we aged, we gradually lose our abilities, our independence, our friends, and social isolation becomes the number one risk factor in our lives. Amongst other things, the risk of homelessness in older people are on the rise, especially in women over the aged of 55 years. It was through this observation and published research papers, that a group of friends, passionate about aged care, decided to make a difference and AUSCC was established in August 2021.

Our aim is to support older Australians, towards ageing well. In providing a place where they feel safe, where they are recognised and where they belong. We believe every older person has a rich lived experience and capacity to still contribute to society and this believe led us in forming our vision – a place where everyone belongs and where we can share, connect and care for each other, and our mission - where we can all THRIVE no matter your age! 

This year, we celebrate new beginings and acknowledge the birth of a new Not-For-Profit organisation – AUSCC.



About Us

AUSCC also known as Australian Seniors Connected Care is a newly formed Not-for-Profit organisation with the aim of assisting older Australians to connect, whilst ensuring quality of life is maintained, through innovative wellness programs. 

The organisation is established to be a charity whose purpose is to advance social or public welfare. We do this by -

1.  Developing innovative strategies for improving seniors’ quality of life and wellbeing

2.   Ensuring those at risk of homelessness is supported with affordable housing

3.   Providing a variety of social opportunities, through volunteer visitations or group activities.

We are governed by a voluntary Board of Directors, with all walks in life, wanting to contribute to make a difference for older Australians. We ensure our team is built from like-minded individuals, where passion and mission drive our future.


Our Mission 


Creating a home amongst our community; a place where everyone belongs, where we Share, we Care and we Connect.


Mission Statement 

We believe we can all THRIVE if we create the environment and space to do so; regardless of age, we can all contribute to change this world where each individual belongs.

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Our Values


the foundation on which relationships are established and built upon. We will conduct ourselves with integrity at all times and will act with honesty, honour, and truthfulness in order for trust to be established.


We believe that everyone has the right to cherish a desire and we will set out to ensure this is articulated in the way we encourage each other as well as those around us.


we respect individuals and our communities by valuing their strengths, opinions, and lived experience. We foster respect by respecting the dignity and individualism of each individual, including our staff at AUSCC.


we create a space where everyone feels accepted and that they belong. This includes ensuring diversity is embraced and that everyone has opportunities and resources, to contribute to society.


As we embrace hope, we will always encourage vision, in our workplace, in our lives and in the lives of those we support. We believe that vision keeps us alive and gives us all a purpose.


We will support every individual so their aspirations may be achieved, and we do this by valuing and acknowledging their point of view, opinions, and contributions. By providing support to each other, goals can be attained, innovative ideas to improve our work and services achieved.